Studio Technix Documentation

Studio Technix is a simulation platform for Internet-of-Things, Smart Devices, Industrial Automation, and Robotics. With Studio Technix, you can visualize sensor data, actuators commands, and the data communication of your device in real-time.

Studio Technix is easy to integrate in your current workflow. You write the code for the application in your language, framework, and code editor of choice. With the Studio Technix API, you connect your application to the simulator.

After that, you can play, stop and pauze a simulation where your code interacts with virtual sensors, actuators and other external devices. You can also debug your code line-by-line to observe its effect on the system, quickly detect problems and iterate on your design.

Getting Started with Studio Technix

Installation Instructions to quickly get you up and running.
Tutorials A hands-on introduction to Studio Technix for developers.


Examples Demos of typical use cases with code and simulation model.
Components Reference documentation for the Components in Studio Technix.
API Reference documentation for the API of Studio Technix.