Push buttons, turn knobs, ... virtually

In Studio Technix, you press play and you can start pushing buttons, turning knobs, simulating sensors, and observe how your application reacts. Find real-world bugs more easily. Feeling adventurous? Push that button fiercely. Blast that motor beyond maximum speed. Shoot the drone. It's only virtual after all.

Test automation

Unit tests are great to ensure that an individual function or small group of functions work correctly. However, the biggest part of embedded software is about the interaction of the software with the real-world. This is hard to test or mock-up using code. With Studio Technix you can record your interactions, and replay them. Or set-up a very specific sequence of events and see what happens. Save those scenarios, and test them automatically as part of your test automation pipeline.

Iterate faster

When you are just starting out on a new project or adding new features, experimenting with different design takes less time when you don't have to fiddle with breadboards or find bugs in pcb prototypes. Moreover, by working in parallel to the hardware team, you can reduce your development cycle almost in half.

Run unmodified

Each component in the standard library comes with a simulation model, so that you can run your application unmodified on your development computer. And guess what, compile and deploy time for the simulator is 5 to 50 times faster than for the board itself.

Stop the world

Set a break-point. Attach the debugger. And watch how the simulated world stops when the debugger hits your break-point. You can change a parameter or add an event, all while stepping through the code line-by-line. You have to understand. Most people are not ready to be unplugged. But you are.