This page is an attempt to increase the Signal-to-Noise ratio of the internet. The links below are pointers to bloggers, content creators, and communities that we are inspired by and regularly return to for learning and discovering new and exciting stuff.

Blogs and newsletters

  • Embedded Artistry: High quality articles and guides about modern embedded software development. Also publishes a monthly newsletter with industry news and pointers to interesting content.

  • Interrupt Blog: Another blog doing a modern take on embedded systems. The people of Memfault write excellent deep-dives into some obscure and less obscure aspects surrounding embedded software development.

  • The Embedded Muse: Jack Ganssle is a veteran in the embedded world that published several well-known books and also publishes The Embedded Muse, a bi-weekly newsletter that covers typical issues encountered by embedded devs.

  • Ferrous Systems: A consultancy firm that has the ambition and dedication to propel the Rust ecosystem further towards writting embedded software in Rust.

  • Weekly Robotics Newsletter: Into robotics? This newsletter summarizes the happenings of last week in robot land.

  • EmbeTronicX: A technical blog with an extensive list of tutorial series on various embedded topics. Includes a series on FreeRTOS, Embedded Linux drivers, NuttX, Bootloaders, Stm32, LPC, 8051, PIC, and more.

  • Mr. Dr. Prof. Bolt: Blogs about his personal projects, among which an electronic business card, mechanical keyboards, and games on microcontrollers.

  • &> /dev/null: A blog of another electronic business card maker. This one runs Embedded Linux. More about this project and Embedded Linux in general on the blog of George Hilliard.

  • Studio Technix Blog: Our own blog. Consider subscribing to the newsletter if you want to receive a reminder when a new article is posted. We write rarely but aim for the best content.

YouTube channels

  • Shawn Hymel: Fantastic instructor that helps intermediate makers that have progressed past Arduino and Raspbery Pi and want to get up and running with Stm32 and PCB design. He publishes videos through his own channel and the channel of Digikey, you know, the electronics parts supplier.

  • Phil's Lab: Practical stuff backed by solid theoretical knowledge. Not everyone can explain mathematical heavy topics such as Sensor Fusing, Filtering, and Control Theory as clearly as Phil.

  • Stuff Made Here: Shane Wighton is a maker that builds innovative inventions like a moving hoop that won't let you miss, a hair cutting robot and an automatic pool stick. In his videos he goes through the creation process in detail, explaining the methods he used, and failed alternatives.

  • Controllerstech: Don't get turned of by the videos that have a dry text-to-speech voiceover. The hands-on tutorials on different peripherals of Stm32 and FreeRTOS are top-notch. Prefer text? Go to his website for the written equivalent.

  • Mitxela: With wonderful little midi instruments and other nifty projects, this channel is a source of creative inspiration. His website is also worth checking out.

  • DroneBot Workshop: From wheeled robots to robot arms, this channel is much more than drones. By breaking down the process of building a robot in a series of intermediate-level tutorial videos, this channel helps you creating your own robot.

  • Studio Technix: Our own channel were we publish creative projects made with Studio Technix as well as tutorials and guides.


  • Elecia White, author of the well-renowend book Making Embedded Systems and Christopher White host the podcast where they invite makers, entrepreneurs, educators and engineers to talk about their projects, the issues they faced and how they solved them.




  • Elektor: Want a piece of literature you can take with you to your off-grid cabin? Elektor magazine is a source of easy-to-digest articles and beginner-friendly projects that make you aware of some cool tech that you didn't know exist.