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Application architecture in Studio Technix.

Make the physical tangible. Drag and drop components that represent your hardware and the world around it on a diagram. Each component represents a physical part, like an accelerometer, a GPS, a servo, a LED, and other sensors and actuators.

Configure the components with a few clicks and get a working executable in minutes. Start building from there by adding custom behaviors to each component.

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Q: What if my component is not in the standard library?
A: Try the package manager or make a custom component.

Open-source code framework

A code-behind file of a WIFI project.

No one wants to suffer shuffling and stirring low-level bits just right so the hardware spirits are pleased. So we did that for you. We created an open-source framework that auto-generates all the drivers and plumbing code that makes your app run on a hardware board.

And you? You just write the code that is specific to your application by adding logic to the code-behind files of the components.

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Q: Is Studio Technix a low-code tool?
A: Most code is auto-generated, but you keep control over every line of code.


Power the device. Push button A. Wait 2 seconds. Not 1.5s. Not 2.5s. Push button B. Check the LCD screen. Does it work?

Madness. But that's how most people test their devices. Not with Studio Technix. Click to play. No hardware needed. A simulation starts running and the component diagram comes to life.

Turn knobs, push buttons, change parameters and watch how your interactions have an effect on your application and the rest of the system. Or use a debugger and step through the code line-by-line while the simulation runs. You can even simulate full 3D environments.

Find real-world bugs more easily, and fix them even faster. Finish your software before the hardware guys finish the pcb.

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Package manager

Team up! Share and discover new components using the Studio Technix package manager. Find other users on our forum and work together with people who complement your skills. Want to make a quick buck? Receive a compensation for every download of your package.

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