Gone are the days with blocking function calls. In Studio Technix drivers, interrupts and systems events are handled asynchronously, so your processor is not spinning hot while doing nothing for nanocenturies. Moreover, all the events are internally dispatched on an event loop, so you don't have worry about concurrency and dead-locks.

Q: Am I limited to single-threaded applications?
A: No, you can create your own threads if needed.

Unified API

Ever imagined a framework where APIs are standardized across different microcontroller/processor architectures, but does not limit you to the lowest (and slowest) common denominator? Stop there. No compromises were made in Studio Technix's code framework. Standard implementations are small and fast, and the APIs can be easily extended with custom code while keeping the integrated visual capabilities of the Studio Technix editor.

The low-level and plumbing code is automatically generated in Studio Technix.

Automatic code generator

Studio Technix contains a powerful auto code generation tool. Based on the application architecture diagram and the board configuration view, Studio Technix automatically generates the majority of the low-level component driver code and the code to connect everything together, saving you hours of mind-numbing plumbing work.

The low-level and plumbing code is automatically generated in Studio Technix.

Embedded Template Library (ETL)

Lists, Vectors, Arrays, Queues, and Maps. String handling. Math and algorithms. Instead of rolling your own, use the phenomenal Embedded Template Library. It provides a largely-compatible alternative for STL without dynamic memory allocation. Did we mention that it's built-in into the Studio Technix framework?