What going on at Studio Technix?

A maker affair

October 2021

Are there a handful of people who want to team up for a day of electronics making and baking? We'll host a hackaton on November 27th, where we'll help teams that want to build a cool app using a microcontroller board such as Arduino, Stm32, or Esp32. We provide drinks and some boards (and Studio Technix licenses) but you may have to bring your own computer. Send us an email to sign up.

Going cross-platform. Now supporting Windows, macOS, and Linux.

September 2021

During summer 2021 a lot of work has been done on the UI side of Studio Technix. We are now fully cross-platform, supporting Windows, macOS, and Linux out-of-the-box. A handful of experts got an early preview and provided us with their professional opinion.

Studio Technix alpha is out.

May 2021

After a development period in all secrecy, the first alpha version of Studio Technix is released for Windows. In this alpha version Studio Technix supports simulation and coupling with an embedded application using a custom API.