Next-gen electronics software development platform

Rapidly design and test new ideas. Then further develop them into commercial-grade software for microcontrollers and embedded Linux computers.

Welcome to Studio Technix: join the maker movement that uses the first electronics software development tool of the next generation.

What can you do with Studio Technix?

Create innovative tech

Unlike any other electronics platform, Studio Technix was designed from the start to realize high-tech systems. This is not an IDE with some plugins bolted on. It is a fully integrated production environment that enables you to focus on creating new innovative concepts, solving complex technical challenges and realizing your ideas and goals.

Become a badass maker

Kick ass! Studio Technix has a visual editor, code framework and extensive documentation that promotes best practices for writing embedded software. Learn from our videos and find other users on the forum. None of us could have done Studio Technix alone, so learn from us and begin your journey to become an expert maker.

An engineer testing out his RC car with a camera.

Iterate faster

Imagine if the world's greatest painters had to paint their work blindfolded, only to look at the painting once a day. This is how embedded developers have worked so far. No more. With Studio Technix, you just hit the play button to test your work straight away using our simulator. You can interact with a virtual world while the application is running. Get an idea, code it, simulate it. Rinse and repeat.

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Use your favorite tools

The hyperfocus. The code zen. It's addictive. When the dopamine flows, so does the work. That's why Studio Technix gets out of your way, with fast workflows augmenting your coding, not interrupting you. No more fiddling with half-assed code editors. Studio Technix opens all code files in your editor of choice. Made a change to the code? Studio Technix picks it up and updates its graphical interface accordingly.

Bring it into the wild

Size does matter. We've put intense effort into making sure that the code that Studio Technix generates is as small and efficient as a pro would code manually. When your app is ready, deploy it straight from Studio Technix to the board. Get that customer and let them be impressed by what you do best.

Some friends celebrating their project.


The features

Discover the most important features of Studio Technix.

Videos, demos, examples

Go to our Youtube channel or read our blog to find out what cool stuff we are building.

The community

Go to the forum or chat to ask questions or discuss your project idea with the community.

Get started

Now that you have a bigger picture of the tool in mind, you can start building.

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From the community


A maker affair

October 2021

Are there a handful of people who want to team up for a day of electronics making and baking? We'll host a hackaton on November 27th, where we'll help teams that want to build a cool app using a microcontroller board such as Arduino, Stm32, or Esp32. We provide drinks and some boards (and Studio Technix licenses) but you may have to bring your own computer. Send us an email to sign up.

Going cross-platform. Now supporting Windows, macOS, and Linux.

September 2021

During summer 2021 a lot of work has been done on the UI side of Studio Technix. We are now fully cross-platform, supporting Windows, macOS, and Linux out-of-the-box. A handful of experts got an early preview and provided us with their professional opinion.

Studio Technix alpha is out.

May 2021

After a development period in all secrecy, the first alpha version of Studio Technix is released for Windows. In this alpha version Studio Technix supports simulation and coupling with an embedded application using a custom API.


A Virtual Ride on an Electric Scooter using a Digital Twin
A Virtual Ride on an Electric Scooter using a Digital Twin

How does a digital twin speeds up development? Demonstration based on an electric scooter for a scooter sharing service.

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